Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Better Night's Rest

Many people don’t realize how important getting a good nights sleep is. And it’s not just about the amount of sleep, but the quality of sleep as well. From aches to pains, indigestion, or even a tendency to snore, there are positions in which you can sleep that can help cure what ails you.
Below is an awesome info-graphic from The Wall Street Journal that points out some of the most common troublesome positions and highlights how you can adjust these so you can go back to having undisturbed, restful sleep.
Are you suffering from back pain? You could try sleeping with a pillow between your knees. Do you have indigestion or acid reflux? Try elevating your head a little with some of your fluffy pillows or with your bed by placing some bricks under the legs. Wasting your precious sleeping hours by forcing yourself to sleep uncomfortably is exactly that, a waste of your health and time. If you want more information other than this info-graphic on how sleeping positions can affect you, we’ve included a link to the full WSJ article as well as a research link at the bottom of this post

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Ginger is one of the world's oldest and medicinal spices. It is known to greatly aid in digestion and assimilation and is widely regarded to help prevent colds, flu, motion sickness and vertigo.  Ginger can also help to alleviate menstual cramps, nausea, heart burn, migraines, sore throats, exhaustion fatigue and constipation and it is great in providing relief from the stomache flu and food poisoning.Ginger also contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols and is powerful painkiller which makes it especially beneficial for those who suffer with joint muscle and nerve pain.  Ginger has incredible immune-boosting and germ fighting abilities and has ever been shown to help provide protection and relief from E. coli, Staph infections, and Candida albicans.  In ancient times, ginger was highly regarded as a spiritual cleanser and is used before and during holy days as a way to awaken and purify the body,  mind , and spirit.  Fresh Ginger is one of the most potent ways to recieve health benefits.  Try making a liter of ginger water or tea everyday by adding freshly grated ginger in water and let it steep for 20 minutes adding some raw honey and lemon juice will enhance its flavor and add to its protective and healing properties. Fresh Ginger is also excellent juiced with apples and celery for an energizing and immune boosting drink.  Using fresh gingerin any of your cooking or prepairing of food will also provide healing benefits. and should be added whenever possible.  If you find fresh ginger too strong for your liking, then try using ginger in powder, capsule, tea or tincture form that can be found in your local health food store.